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90 Days Habits

Master Class: The Blueprint to 6 Figures in Your Network Marketing Business

Master Class: The Blueprint to 6 Figures in Your Network Marketing Business

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Want to automate & systemize your business? Join our 100k Master Class to learn:

  • ManyChats - set up strategy & automate
  • Lead magnets- create a personalized quiz + freebie to attract new clients
  • Email marketing-step by step guidance to start, grow and segment. convert leads to clients
  • Hands on Training & Facebook Group

The Biggest Secrets to Attracting Clients Using Automation-

In the evolving world of network marketing, staying ahead means embracing the future now. This workshop is your roadmap to not only achieving a six-figure business but doing it on your terms. With automation, strategic growth, and value addition at the core, you're not just setting up for success; you're ensuring it.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • Are you frustrated by social media? Is tech holding you back?
  • How do I even figure out DM automation let alone posting strategy to increase engagement?
  • There are so many email platforms to choose - how do I pick one? 
  • How do I even figure out how to create a freebie lead magnet?
  • How do I have time to do all of this?

I know how frustrating this is because we have been there, too.

Which is why we hired Lauren and paid her thousands of dollars to set all of this up for us. And that's why we are so excited to let you in on the... 100k masterclass. Listen, we have you covered! Lauren is going to teach you everything we have paid her thousands for - for just $97! Limited time offer. The $97 offer is only availble within 24 hours. in addition you get a bonus exclusive to workshop attendees. Which is a 30 minute social media audit from Lauren. This Masterclass has limited spots to maintain an intimate hands on learning environment. Once these spots are filled, the doors will close.

Good For

The Planner is designed for people who have multiple goals. For business or personal use.

If you’re looking for...

a complete step-by-step guide to reach your goals a way to form new habits

a system to be productive and stay that way

one place to keep everything related to your goals

a progress tracking system that will keep you consistent and motivated so you won’t change or give up on your goals

...then this is the planner for you!

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