The 90 Day Habits Journal

A Network Marketer's Guide to Create Strong Business Habits Through 60 Minutes of Daily Focus.

Build your business in just 60 minutes a day by focusing on:

  • 20 minutes of mindset to prime your mind for the day
  • 20 minutes of relationship building to connect with prospective clients and teammates
  • 20 minutes of follow up, fortune is in the follow up, recruit your prospective clients and teammates

Use This Daily Journal Over A 90 Day Business Cycle and Watch Your Business Grow to Heights You've Never Seen Before As You Start Hitting Your Goals and Living The Life You Desire.


What's the secret to the becoming a top 1% Network Marketer in your company?

The most successful network marketing entrepreneurs know the secret to reaching the top starts with your daily routine. We created our 90-Day Habits Jounral as a blueprint to help you focus on the most important things to grow your business faster, with less stress. This journal will help you create and track daily habits and income producing activities that can help you reach all of your goals.

What will this do for me?

This direct sales organizer will help you create and track daily habits with income producing activities that can help you build the business of your dreams. It's the exact SIMPLE process we used to get to the top 1% of our Network Marketing businesses.

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How long does it take to see results?

Or mission is to help you start reaching goals in 90 days. This journal is the only network marketing business blueprint available that was developed by us, Network Marketing entrepreneurs who reached the top 1% in our companies. This exact approach allowed us to quickly rise to the top 1% of our global network marketing company.

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How do I use it?

Our planner for direct sales organized guide gives you 60 minutes of daily focus to help grow your network marketing business through mindset, networking and follow-up. One of our top reasons for success is being consistent in creating great habits that stick, and we guide you through those EXACT habits.

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We're so confident you're going to find this as an essential tool for growing your Network Marketing Business, we're give you a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED if you try it for 30-days and don't love it.

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    "From page one it challenges us to write down our 'why', the purpose that drives us! And from there our goals are made clear... This is a must daily checklist for any network marketer or anyone who wants to take daily action in achieving their goals!" - Lindsay

  • You Need This!!

    "I am loving my 90 days cycle journal. It has been a great tool to help hold myself accountable. I feel accomplished once I complete my day. I love how it is organized. It allows me to prioritize and see my progress. I love having all the information I need in one book. This journal has been a game changer to my daily methods."

  • Great Organizational Tool

    "Great gift and great tool for yourself to buy over and over! You need accountability and structure, here you go!" - Nathan

  • Amazing!

    "This product is amazing! It keeps me focused on my goals and gives me one place to do it all. It has truly helped me grow my business."

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