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7 Business Habits to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

As a budding, growing or seasoned network marketing entrepreneur, you are probably excited about the prospects of your business growth. As the CEO of your own life, there are some business building habits you can adapt to spur more growth in your business. Read on for a comprehensive network marketing guide to help you achieve your dreams as a direct sales marketer:  

Identify Your Goals and Purpose 

Any network marketer or business coach will tell you to start by setting goals. A clear objective will show you what you want to achieve, where you want to go, and how to get there. To accomplish this, visualize, track and articulate your goals every day to ensure that your mind will go past any obstacle that comes your way. Also, engage other people to help you get out of your comfort zone. Relying on SMART goals is an excellent way to achieve positive, measurable, and clear goals. Once you know your goals, put the systems in place to help you achieve them. A goal is just a goal unless you do the work – don’t worry, it’ll be fun!

Track the People You Introduce Your Products To

Every new person who agrees to sign up to buy from you or becomes a consultant under you gives you a unique opportunity to build your network marketing business. Aim for people with the capability to take your direct sales business to the next level. Therefore once you identify the opportunity within each person, introduce your products in a way that will help you grow forward – is it to get them out of corporate America, to solve a health issue, to visibly age better, to be more confident? Paint a clear picture of your network model so that you don't lose a chance to identify leaders who will help you continue direct selling and growing your team. 

Plan Your Month at a Glance

So many things to do and where to start!? If you are wondering how to get organized, come up with monthly targets to act as the action steps you take to accomplish your goals. Include everything from your meetings, training, events, and more. Towards the end of the month, review your team goals, look forward to what you want to achieve in the next month, and keep track of it all in your journal. 

Practice Gratitude & Affirmations 

The right mindset helps you succeed in making direct sales and have an excellent result in network marketing. As you start your day, reflect on what you’re grateful for – even if it’s just being able to wake up that day! – and read your daily affirmations as you look yourself in the mirror to positively impact your mental wellness. This will give you a sense of belief that you can become the CEO of your own life. This way, you will approach uncertain situations with confidence as a business professional.

Build a Daily To-Do List

You have clear goals from the start, so now you need to map out the steps you need to take each day to build your direct selling business. Create content every day to give yourself something to look up to at the end of the day. Allocate about 30 minutes for mindset training and a similar time for sales and network marketing training. You also should meditate and move your body every day to clear your mind and have a sharp focus.

Relationship Building

Building relationships is essential for long-term network marketing success. In your business activities, you will interact with many people, such as friends and family, people you meet at a friend’s birthday, service providers and more, who are excellent prospects. Develop a habit of contacting them often, sharing personal life experiences, other helpful information and listening empathetically. This can give you a competitive edge through direct selling and network marketing sales.

Follow Up

With an effective follow-up process, you can increase your sales or even recruit at a future time without annoying or pestering people (or feeling like you are). Note that timing essential in direct selling, and a 'no' does not always mean never. If you get a no answer, there is still an ongoing dialogue; the person will likely have some interest in the future. It takes a lot of no’s to get to a yes. And a no in purchasing or signing up doesn’t mean a no to helping you grow your network marketing business, or hosting a party with you.

Request to put them on your emailing list or even ask them if you can call them after some months for a follow-up. Even if some people give you their contacts to be friendly, don't forget to contact them. And TRACK IT in your journal! After all, what you track grows.

Key Takeaway

Adopting the above network marketing business building habits will help visualize your goals and have a clear system to achieve them. We’ve talked a lot about tracking your activity. So where and how do you track it? With the 90 Day Cycle to New Habits Journal!

Everything mentioned above (and more) can be tracked in it. This is the #1 network marketing journal that was created by network marketers who have used these exact processes to quickly climb to top ranks within their companies. With nearly 20 years of combined experience, the creators know it works and are committed to helping you grow your business too. Get your journal today. And say it with us – I am unstoppable.


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