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10 Effective Ways to Connect with Customers

Building a network marketing business requires you to acquire the right customers and connect with them appropriately. Meeting your audience and creating lasting relationships may seem simple, but it may take longer than you expect without the right strategies.

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Don't Use a One-Size-Fit in All Approaches

You can't use one sales approach for all people. Your customers are not the same, and it’s really important that you cater your sales approach to their styles. Take time to look at your target audience’s culture and style, needs, struggles and the things they care about. If you can group them, develop a way to resonate with each group. This way, you will approach every client as per their individual needs, making them feel special. Whether you’re a health or life coach, a skin care consultant, a make-up consultant or you’re slinging amazing products you believe it, different groups need a different approach. It’s important to plan and keep track of who you reach out to, how you reach out to them, and any notes about how your approach was received. And your 90 Day Habits Journal is a great place to start. 

Go Above and Beyond

If you want to stand out, you have to go above and beyond for your customers and prospects. Keep in mind that customer expectations keep on rising, and you need to deliver to their standards (driven drastically by the world of personalized e-commerce shopping and instant gratification in general). It's especially crucial when a customer complains about a poor experience they had with the website or shipping. Take the initiative to get answers so you call the customer and update them on their order status and expected delivery time, or whatever is of concern. Use your best judgement within your network marketing company’s brand standards to include an apology gift, future discount or note of gratitude.

Make a Commitment to Follow Up

Whether your direct sales business is an online or in-person model, making follow-ups is an essential step in your network marketing and direct sales strategy. For instance, a skincare consultant should get feedback from customers to know whether they liked the products after they’ve had a chance to use the product after purchase. Are you tracking who you’re following up with each month? Use a 90 Day Cycle to New Habits Journal to track your follow ups so you don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Keep it Personal 

To create meaningful relationships with your customers, you must serve them with a long-term view. Take time to engage with your audience about a product and a lifestyle, instead of solely focusing on direct selling. You’re here to solve a problem for them – once you’ve identified their problem, demonstrate how you and your products are their solution. 

Focus on Face-to-Face Interactions

Face-to-face is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your audience. You have a chance to inform prospects about your products and gain trust with new customers. However, maintain soft selling tactics since it puts more emphasis on the customer and not your items. Whether it’s in person 1-on-1, in a small group setting, at an event, on FaceTime or over Zoom, there’s plenty of ways you can engage them in a face-to-face situation. Use your 40 Faces tool in your 90 Day Cycle to New Habits Journal to keep track of these interactions, or download the PDF from our Insights & Resources page. 

Be Active on Social Media

Leveraging social media is an excellent strategy that can increase your brand recognition as the number of projected users should grow to 4 billion users by 2025. Social media is a vital aspect of network marketing, and you only need a few hours to boost your visibility. For example, as a hair care consultant, you can create an Instagram page showcasing your satisfied customers to invite others to try it for themselves and increase your conversion rate.

Respond to Concerns

The proper responses can win customers and build a successful network marketing business. Whenever you receive negative feedback, be empathetic and solve the issue before it reaches other potential customers. Responding to customers' concerns shows you care. If a customer complains about an incomplete delivery, be apologetic and assure them about delivering the missing part within a specific timeframe.

Grow With Your Customers in Mind

Your business is as good as your customers. As you strategize on how to expand your operations, consider your clients' feedback. For instance, as a life coach, take as much feedback as possible from your existing customers before increasing your customer base. Do you have the right systems in place to grow? How can will you support all of them and the number grows? Where can you find efficiencies?  

Show Your Gratitude

Gratitude sends a powerful message to your network. There are various ways to show appreciation to your audience. You can send personalized cards, host events, celebrate clients' success, listen and respond, and more. For instance, you can send a branded onesie to a client who has a baby with a sweet note with love from their favorite network marketers.

Get Feedback From Your Customers

Learning about your customers helps you to know their likes and dislikes. Develop compelling ways to generate quality feedback from your audience to know the best ways to grow your network marketing business. The best thing we can do as network marketers is listen to our customers (and our team members’) needs – once you know what works and doesn’t, you can apply it moving forward to more and more customers. Keep track of this feedback in the notes section of your 90 Day Cycle to New Habits journal. This will be important!

Bottom Line

Take network marketing a notch higher by implementing the above strategies to connect with your customers. With the right systems in place, and tracking of all of your efforts, you and your direct sales business can grow together. You CAN be unstoppable! Purchase a 90 Day Cycle to New Habits Journal to help you plan, track all your communications and efforts. Take it to the next level with our 90 Day Habits Tracker Challenge!

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