Our Story

The 90 Day Habits brand was born on a napkin, on a flight to a leadership summit! Haley Duncan and Sandy & Wade Critides were all sitting in the same row, reflecting on the age old question: how did you become a top 1% leader in your network marketing business? An open discussion around systems and duplication led to the them mapping out a blueprint, a system for success that they had used to reach the top level of their company. And BOOM! The 90 Day Habits Journal was born.

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Fill out your dream team as your team grows! The abundance in your life, business, finance and impact will happen for you as you start to leverage yourself and teach others to do what you do. Focus on locking arms with 4-8 people to start out, and coach them to lock arms with 4+ people each. Before you know it, your team of one will explode!

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