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Five Things You Need to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

1. You must have a VISION that is so powerful, that nothing can get in the way of making that vision come to life.

The path will unfold for you only by knowing precisely where you want to go. To write the last chapter first. When you write the last chapter first, you wake up and align yourself towards that vision every day. You set yourself on fire. Vision is the genesis of all greatness. Only those that can see the invisible can do the impossible. Some people around you, maybe even you, think that whatever is on your heart, whatever that dream or that goal is, feels like an impossible task. I’m here to tell you it’s not. There’s evidence of success all around you. But for you to do the impossible, you have to see the invisible. You have to see it before it’s there. You have to envision yourself living the life you truly desire, you have to believe it, visualize what it feels like, what the road looks like to get there. My wife and I were on a cruise with our family for vacation one summer. We were out to a one-on-one dinner on the cruise and naturally, we started talking about goals in our business. She is a dreamer, I’m the more grounded of the two, so we balance each other out perfectly! She had a vision for us going into qualification for the top level of the company in the next month. I told her no way, we’d have to DOUBLE our business overnight. I started to break down how it would have to happen and how unlikely that was in a month’s time. I asked her how she thought that would happen and she said, “I don’t know…magic?” At this point, we’re in a heated almost fight about this and I kid you not a MAGICIAN walks up to our table and says to me “Do you believe in magic?” My jaw dropped as I said “Uhhh yeah.” He took a half-dollar coin out of his pocket and he said “See this?” I nodded as he quickly moved the coin to behind my ear and snapped his fingers and came back with a dollar coin. DOUBLING the value of the coin!

Rewind…We had to DOUBLE the value of our business, and my wife said “I don’t know…magic?” and BOOM.

From that day on I BELIEVED. I had a VISION for where we were going. I didn’t know how we would get there, but I knew where we were going and we woke up every day committed to that vision. A successful entrepreneur has perfect clarity on where they are going. The average drifts along, hoping they land where they would like to.

Cast a VISION for your life, for your network marketing business. Make it crystal clear and then move towards that vision every day no matter what. And write it down in your journal.

2. Know WHY you are doing what you’re doing.

When you have a strong WHY obstacles cease to exist. Your vision, paired with your WHY, will pull you through. You don’t have to push and grind through and motivate yourself all the time. You will be pulled by your vision. When “why” you’re doing what you’re doing is anchored in something greater than you — your family, your legacy, giving back, making an impact — that is when you will feel called and pulled to carry on through the highs and lows. My wife and I have our 21 reasons why we are building our business at our desks and we are able to speak to our WHY in one sentence always. Your WHY will evolve, but make sure you have one.

3. To step into who you want to be, you need to know who you are!

What is your identity? Success begins with self-awareness. And the trick is, you will naturally live into your identity. If you identify as a thriving entrepreneur and network marketing professional, you will subconsciously and consciously start to work to make that true. If you identify as “I have a small side business or a hobby” you will act as if. The greats know who they are! You can feel their presence, their certainty, their identity — Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King, Warren Buffet, Tom Brady, Oprah — they know who they are!

We have used affirmations to consciously mold our identity to who we want to be. We practice daily affirmations both together and individually to either affirm traits that we have, that we want to maintain or bring things that we do not possess yet that we want to. A few examples are: I am an incredible leader. I am a super attractor. I am attracting amazing people into our life and business. I am changing the world. I am building a legacy. I am a money magnet, money flows easily and freely to and through me. I am a multi-millionaire, I am making over six figures per week.

Affirmations may feel funny at first, especially the ones that aren’t true at the time, but when we repeatedly practice them and practice what it feels like as if we are those things, we subconsciously and consciously start to work to make them come true.

4. Get familiar with failure and rejection.

Look at it as an opportunity for growth. What is failure? Failure doesn’t even exist. You don’t fail if you learn from it and keep going — the only way to fail is to quit. If you stumble, if someone burns you, if you bomb a presentation, if you go for a goal and fall short again and again, it’s not failure. It’s learning lessons, sometimes it takes time to realize the lesson, but as long as you keep going it will never actually be a failure. Get comfortable with failure. Learn to seek failure, because that means you’re growing.

I have worked to train my brain to not even think of things as a failure. If you ask me about business failures none come to mind. Not because everything I’ve ever done has been a success, but because I’ve re-classified failure as growth and learning lessons. If I get a “no” from a potential client or investor, I know that’s just a “no” for now and I take something away from that meeting having learned a lesson and expanded my network.


Everything we want is on the other side of consistency. The business has cycles. Life has cycles. It all ebbs and it flows. There are bull markets and bear markets. Winter always comes after fall, as summer always comes after spring. The next 10 years are going to look a lot like the last 10. It will get dark every night as it will get light every morning. We can’t control these things.

What we can control is our consistency.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. If you sincerely want to change your life: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS! What changes people’s lives is when their SHOULDS become their MUSTS!

Successful entrepreneurs are molded by their daily actions. They master the mundane, they are willing to do consistently what 99% won’t do. If we put forth the consistent effort, build habits and systems into our business that we live by…that”s when we can ride through any storm, any high, any low and keep going. I think of what my wife and I did when we were pushing for the top of our company — we committed to a 90-day cycle and consistent daily effort with our journals and non-negotiable. We missed the goal the first time around. We committed to another 90-day cycle doing very much the same actions and we blew past our goal. Same action, but the timing was right. And our ability to track our business building habits with our network marketing journals was key. In the second 90 day cycle, the harvest came. All the seeds we had sowed in the prior 90 were sprouting and flourishing. When we stay consistent we set ourselves up to persevere through anything.

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Great to see y’all and new little one at Path To Empower. I am a part of an Arbonne team / Nation that is spread out all over the U.S. I had received my original 90 Day journal last year but had a lot going on and I didn’t utilize it. So I’m using the one I have now and will definitely be a regular subscriber and purchase more! I appreciate your motivation!!!! Y’all are amazing. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family and kudos too for your earned Arbonne recognition. We are a part of an amazing community and we are all connected at the heart.
Love, success and all the best, Lori Ely

Lori Ely

Thank you so much for this article. I need it

Elsy Blaya

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