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9 Ways to Get Back into a High Vibe State

When you're building a business, there can be times when you find yourself in a low-vibe state. You feel like you're in a funk or are "off." When you're a small business owner, your highs are high. And your lows can be very low. All network marketers go through it — it's called the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster. Successful entrepreneurs, direct sales marketers and network marketers have developed strategies and skills to cope with the dips and quickly return to the high vibe state and you can too. Below are some tips to get out of the funk and back into a high vibe state as a network marketing professional.

1. Move your Body

Moving your body helps create endorphins. Staying in high vibes requires movement. So, get active! Start moving your body. Dance. Take a walk. Hit the gym. The more you move around, the higher frequency you'll be operating in.

2. Commit to a Morning Routine

Write out what you're grateful for. Writing a gratitude list daily helps to shift your vibration. You're focusing on what you have instead of what you don't – and it puts you in a higher vibe.

Affirmations are great – make sure you’re affirming yourself and where you're going.

You can also mediate. Too often people go about their days rushed and with a scattered brain which leaves them in a state of stress and anxiety. Meditation can help calm you down and put you in a peaceful state of mind. Especially us network marketers – we really need a mental switch from the constant excitement!

3. Get Clear

Having goals gives you direction and clarity. There are several benefits to setting clear goals, including:

  • Taking control of your network marketing business and life
  • Emphasizing what you really want
  • Measuring your progress in your direct selling journal
  • Focusing on tasks that are important
  • Providing you with motivation

Before you set your goals, however, you need to become clear about where you're going and what you're looking to achieve. Think back to your “why.”

3. Phone a Friend

Close friends can help get you out of the low vibe state and get you into good vibes.

4. Listen to Music

Music can make everything a little better. It can pull you out of a state that makes you feel toxic. Most of us have that one song that seems to just lighten their spirits or gets them motivated. The next time you're in a funk, throw on some headphones and turn up the volume on your favorite jams.

5. Take a Bath

Soak in a warm bubble bath and just feel the tension ease away. Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to truly relax yourself. Take a deep breath…

6. Take a Walk

Walking offers several mood-boosting qualities, in addition to its many health benefits. Sometimes a walk out in nature can enhance your state of mind. With a friend, fuzzy companion or on your own, finding new routes or retracing familiar steps can be cathartic.

7. Find Something to Look Forward to

Plan a trip or maybe a night out with friends. Look into attending a conference or concert. Anything that you can look forward to will help get you into higher vibes.

8. Get Inspired

Listen to a podcast or read a book. Something that inspires you. Motivates you. Energizes you. Get lost in a good story or learn something new.

9. Become Self-Aware

Become aware that you're in that low vibe state. Give grace to it. You're not always going to be in a high vibe state. And that’s ok! It's okay to be in a low vibe from time to time – just become aware of it and how you can change that. Knowing how the lows feel add perspective to how great the highs feel in return!

It can be too easy to slip into a low vibe state. In both business and life, you can't expect to be in a high-vibe state all the time. There are always areas people are lacking in. The important thing is to be aware of your thoughts and actions and take the steps necessary to change them to more productive and positive ones in the best way you can as an individual and as a network marketing professional.

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